For Brand Companies

For Brand CompaniesIn a global world, companies with exciting and innovative brands need to think about international expansion as part of their business strategy.

However many companies may not have the know-how, information or the resources to find credible and trustworthy international partners that they can work with.

London Links Trading can act as a local business development representative to present company products in a new market. We specialise in emerging and difficult markets where cultural and language differences, lack of information and complex regulation often make these the hardest markets to enter.

Through our network of partners, we can assist with developing the right route to market and finding the right partner. We take care of everything from identifying a short-list of partners, presenting the products to them, assisting with product registration, facilitating pricing and contract negotiations, monitoring the first sale and assisting with re-sales.

The best part is that we only work on a success based fee. We therefore only get paid if we generate sales for you!

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